Signs a Tree Needs to be Removed

Arborists are professionals who specialize in the cultivation and management of trees, shrubs, and other perennial woody plants. Property owners often call these specialists for things like pruning, cutting off dead branches, and Tree Removal. The decision to remove a tree can be stressful, especially if it is old or has particular sentimental value, but if any of the following issues begin to come up property owners should not hesitate to have their trees removed.

Signs of Disease

Just like any living thing, trees can wind up contracting diseases and these diseases can wind up being spread to other healthy trees. Signs of disease include black spots on leaves and noticeable damage to bark.

Weather Damage

Trees that have been struck by lightning or have been severely damaged by rain and wind often need to be removed for safety reasons. If the root system has been damaged, the tree will eventually die or might be left at an unsafe angle that is not correctable. When this occurs, it's best to have the tree removed professionally as soon as possible to prevent an unsafe situation from occurring.

Dangerous Location

Often property owners choose to plant trees without considering how large they will become over time. When small trees are located close to homes or other structures they can grow into a safety hazard as they reach maturity. Trees that might fall on houses or their occupants don't always lean visibly or show other obvious signs of potential danger, so it's a good idea for property owners to call an arborist to evaluate whether or not the root structure might be compromised.

Major Landscaping Changes

Sometimes healthy trees must be removed in order to make substantial changes to the landscaping. While these trees are unlikely to fall on their own, they still need to be removed in order to give other trees, shrubs, and plants the space and the sunlight that they need to grow. Anyone looking for Tree Removal should be sure to hire a professional, as removing trees can be a dangerous business if the person responsible does not have sufficient experience or safety equipment.

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